Energy efficient

The latest climate control and air conditioning and heating equipment we supply is designed to be as energy efficient as possible, minimising power consumption, which ultimately leads to less CO2 released into the atmosphere. As you’d expect, our reps are consistently up-to-date with the latest industry thinking, legislation and environmental targets. We can install state of the art VRF (variable refrigerant flow) or VRV (variable refrigerant volume) fixed systems which can attract Government subsidies. The majority of fitted air conditioning systems also include a heat-pump which allows you to switch the system into heat mode for all year use.

Home air conditioning can therefore reduce your heating energy bills and now via the “Green Deal” the Government has cash back incentives and ways of off-setting heating air conditioning installation costs.

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Air conditioning in every room!

Whether residential, office or commercial air conditioning, the installation of a multi-split air conditioning system allows multiple indoor units to operate from a single outdoor unit thereby reducing the need for installation space.

Ducted systems

Ducted air conditioning or climate control systems are often the most practical choice for large areas where air distribution becomes beyond the reach of normal ‘split-type’ air conditioning or climate control units. The grilles can be placed virtually anywhere you wish and will blend unobtrusively with any interior decor. The grilles allow uniform temperature distribution in large or heavily partitioned areas. Not only are concealed air conditioning or climate control ceiling units visually unobtrusive, they are also among the quietest types of air conditioning or climate control.

Under ceiling or ceiling suspended systems

This type of air conditioning or climate control unit is ideal for private or commercial premises particularly where floor or wall space is at a premium, these are available cooling capacities ranging from 5kw through to 15kw.These air conditioning or climate control units are very quiet in operation and can be mounted directly onto the ceiling or suspended from it at a desired height. Heating modes are available as an inexpensive optional extra and the air conditioning or climate control units are operated by either keypad remote controls or wall-mounted control panels.

Wide choices

Different types of indoor units including wall mounted, ceiling recessed, under ceiling, floor standing and many more as listed below. The ideal indoor equipment can then be selected and tailored to your individual air conditioning installation requirements.

Wall or floor mounted systems

Ideal for retail, restaurant and office use, these air conditioning or climate control units can be mounted at the desired level from floor to ceiling. Available in cooling capacities ranging from 2.0kW up to 11.0kW. Many have remote controls and an inexpensive heat mode option. They are ‘whisper quiet’ in operation. In many cases where multiple indoor air conditioning or climate control units are required they can be connected to a single external condenser box.

Ceiling recessed cassette systems

These are perfect for setting air conditioning or climate control into a suspended ceiling. The space saving design of the cassette is perfect for offices, shops and commercial premises. The cassettes are ultra-quiet in use and are available in cooling capacities ranging from 2kw through to 15kw. According to the air conditioning or climate control model supplied the controls are either by remote keypad or wall-mounted control panel. Again, all are available with heating mode as an inexpensive optional extra.